Saloon Dinner Menu

Pearl River Saloon is providing a variety of dinner menu consisting of American's favorite dishes. From Buffalo wings to taco salad and wide selections of sandwiches and wraps, we sure have them. Our establishment boasts a welcoming atmosphere that is fine for the whole family or spending time with friends.

Pub House Burgers
served with coleslaw, pickle and french fries.
Substitute onion ring 2.00 sweet potato or seasoned fries 1.00

Saloon Burger
our famous deluxe burger, tumbleweed, lettuce, and tomato
Stuffed Burger
ask your server about our daily stuffing. Served with tumbleweed, lettuce and tomato
Turkey Burger
the alternative choice served with tumbleweed, lettuce, and tomato
Pizza Burger
marinara sauce, grated cheese, and melted mozzarella served with tumbleweed
Veggie Burger
served with tumbleweed, lettuce, and tomato

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